About Us

“Confidence contributes more to conversation than wit.” – Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Just Jealous Clothing is a brand for the confident person. They have swagger. They take initiative. They want to continue bettering themselves day in and day out. How do they do that? They push themselves to the next level. Whether or not they intend to do so, they are making all others Just Jealous.

“Confidence is contagious. So is a lack of confidence.” – Vince Lombardi

You’ll notice that our blog page has many tips, stories and pictures. Let's share all of this stuff with each other. It’s classy.

“The circulation of confidence is better than the circulation of money.” – James Madison

We don't try to be another brand – that’s not our style. Life is what you make of it. Just Jealous Clothing was created because the market demands it.

“Confidence is one of the sexiest things in guys and girls.” – Danica McKellar


Contact us: ContactJustJealous@gmail.com